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Condominium management can be arduous and complex.

Condominium management can be arduous and complex. Unlike the management of a multiple unit rental building, condominium management is focused solely on the common areas. You are therefore not alone making decisions: the Board of Directors also has an opinion, and its decisions are based on the condominium meetings.

Our objective is to ensure professional management, for our clients’ peace of mind. For example, we ensure transparency of the Board of Director’s decision process by facilitating discussions between it and the co-owners and suppliers. Furthermore, improving your management increases your building’s added value, which will be more likely to attract future co-owners.

The condominium services offered are the following :

Administrative Management

  • Appropriate condominium record keeping
  • Document preparation for annual/special co-owner meeting convocations
  • Drafting of meeting minutes and notifications
  • Document preparation for Board of Director meetings and drafting of the meeting minutes
  • Receipt and forwarding of co-owner requests to the Board of Directors
  • Forwarding of the Board of Director’s decisions to co-owners and suppliers
  • Monitoring of the contracts required for the building’s operation and protection
  • Building insurance negotiations
  • Update of the association’s records
  • Service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Financial Management

  • Gestion de la comptabilité
  • Accounting management
  • Forecast budget preparation (current operations and contingency fund)
  • Notice of assessment preparation (request for payment of condominium fees from co-owners)
  • Condominium fee collection
  • Deposit of all money received in a separate bank account, in the association’s name
  • Bank account and association current operation management
  • Financial statement preparation
  • Condominium invoice payment
  • Salary management for the various condominium employees

Property Management

  • Periodic cursory building inspections by building professionals, if required
  • Building certificate and maintenance journal updates and maintenance
  • Determination of work to complete, as part of the forecast budget
  • Subcontractor management of contracts for snow removal, lawn-mowing, parking maintenance, exterior window washing, etc.